anmol vachan in english

 anmol vachan in english 

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anmol vachan

1- He who has hope, he does not lose even by losing - unknown.

2- Being excellent is not a task but it is a habit of ours which we do again and again. - Aristotle

3- Winners say I should do something, while losers say something should happen - Shiv Khera

4- I am defeated at every step, but am born only for victory. - Emerson

5- Think big, think fast, think ahead because no one has a monopoly on ideas - Dhirubhai Ambani

6- I can believe it. Only I can, this is superstition - unknown Anmol Vachan in Hindi

7- No work can be done without faith - Narayan Das

8- Unless you believe in yourself, you cannot believe in God - Vivekananda

9- If we are not part of the solution then it means that we ourselves are the problem - proverb

10- The life of a friend should be protected by giving life. - Banabhatta

11- The one who is helpful when the work is done, that is the friend - long life

12- The unfortunate are not friends. Emerson anmol vachan

13- Friend can be considered as a masterpiece of nature - Amarsan

14- Do not wait for iron to get hot, rather make it hot by your heat,
ie do not wait for time, but try to make time become favorable to you. - William B. Sprague

15- To make someone our own, all our merits also fall short, while there is enough to lose someone - unknown

16- Honor the friend when you meet, praise him behind the back and help him in time of need. - Jataka tale Anmol Vachan in Hindi

17- All wrong actions arise from the mind. If the mind is changed, then what can be wrong. - Mahatma Buddha

18- Choose friends carefully because our personality can also be seen from our friends, whose company we stay away from. - Proverb

19- Art is the efficient power of expression. - Maithilisharan Gupta

20- The truth of art is the unbroken truth expressed through beauty in the periphery of life. - Mahadevi Verma Anmol Vachan

21- Art helps nature and experiences of art. - Thomas Fuller

22- Great people always face violent opposition from the common mind. -Albert Einstein

23- There is nothing more religious than serving the Father or obeying his command. - Valmiki

24- The father is the great deity. –Known Anmol Vachan

25- We cannot choose our parents, but we are the choice of parents. - Unknown

26- First you have to change yourself, as you want to see the world. - Mahatma Gandhi

27- We should consider irritability a symptom of inferiority complex. Elfred adler

28- You can get whatever you want in life, just start helping other people. - Jig Jiggler

29- No person can make you feel inferior without your consent. - Anna Elena Roosebelt

30- Discipline is the fire of sophistication, from which talent becomes merit. - Unknown

31- Whatever you do in your life, one day it will definitely end but the most important thing is that if you do something - Mahatma Gandhi

32- One who cannot have self discipline, how can he teach the lesson of discipline to others. - Anorexia

33- What you are not able to say face to face can easily be said in decent words by letter. - Unknown

34- In my opinion, the letters of scholars are superior to all human statements. - Francis Bacon

35- Writing letters is also an art. - Mahatma Gandhi Anmol Vachan in Hindi

36- Letter is a private newspaper of home. Girija Kumar Mathur

37- Desire is the starting point of all achievements, not a hope, not a desire, but a deep-throbbing desire that transcends everything. - Napoleon Hill

38- Play, so that you can be serious. –Anacarsis

39- In the game we reveal what kind of people we are. - Ovid

40- It is your behavior which makes our image in the mind of others. Through this, we can also make enemies our own. - Roman Rolland

41- Patriots are true children of mother. - Jai Shankar Prasad

42- The last strand of blood, which fell in the protection of the country, is the most precious thing in the world. - Premchand

Anmol Vachan

43- What is life for the national interest, if we live after losing the country, what should we live? - Kamataprasad Guru

44- The king's army does not protect the country, the nation's subjects do. - Laxminarayan Mishra Anmol Vachan

45- To achieve success in life, even normal things have to be done exceptionally well. - Unknown

46- God has given unlimited powers and strength in our mind and personality. - Unknown

47- Prayer to God helps to develop these powers. - Abdul Kalam

48- Make your own form according to each form of God. - Rigveda

49- Only Yash and Naam have no talent. - Yajurveda

50- The lessons learned in the school of agony and pain are not found in books and universities. - Unknown

51- Setting an example for people is the only means of influencing others. -Albert Einstein

52- Human power is not strong in front of divine power. - Penalty

53- A happy person is not molded according to the circumstances, but his life outlook and outlook is different. -Huge downs

54- Curiosity among children is just a hunger for knowledge. - John Lock

55- People are aware of their power only in disasters, not in prosperity. - Unknown

56- The yearning of the anxious people is not expected by the time - Karnapur

57- The lowliness of humility is extremely painful, the hook, bow, snake and cat bow and attack. - Maharishi Valmiki

58- If you do not want to be adverse to others, then remove your mind from the actions of others. - Unknown

59- We should always remember that happiness is a way of life's journey and not the destination of life. -Roy Goodman

60- No high goal is ever achieved without enthusiasm - Emerson

61- Every great and important movement in the history of the world is the success of enthusiasm. - Emerson

62- If you want to test your memory, remember what you were worrying about a year ago. -E Joseph cosman

63- As soon as the wishes come in front, all the vows are kept on hold. - Unknown

64- There are only a few people in the world who are tough but who say things of interest. - Maharishi Valmiki

65- We judge the wisdom of man according to our hope. . -Ralph Waldo Emerson

66- The best way to make yourself happy is to try to please someone else. - Mark Twain

67- A man who is a true artist cannot be a lover of selfish life. - Premchand Anmol Vachan

68- He who sees the difference, not the external, is the true artist. - Mahatma Gandhi

69- Should give convenience and respect to others, should not wish to be taken. - Unknown

70- The wealth of gentlemen is patience. -Banabhatta

71- Ego is a great enemy of man. He also makes gold necklace out of clay. - Maharishi Valmiki

72- If you want to know the faults of a young woman, then praise her in her eyes. -Benjamin Franklin

73- Patience is an essential element of talent. - Disraeli

74- Sometimes we need to tell ourselves what we can give to others. -Do Phil

75- Arise as often as you fall, never give up. -Proverb

76- If the will of any man is with him, he can do any work with great ease. Willpower and determination can make a man a king from the ranks. - Maharishi Valmiki

77- The difference between ordinary and extraordinary person is a little extra, this extra makes that person extraordinary. -Known

78- Never think of what you can do, rather you always think what you cannot do. -Jan Wooden

79- While meditating on another's faults, we ourselves become very good. But when we will focus on our faults. So you will find yourself devious and devious. - Mahatma Gandhi

80- Life is a journey, not a race, we should always live our life in our own way because this life is found only once, recognize this opportunity. -Known

81- Shakti does not come from physical ability, but it comes from an indomitable will. -Mahatma Gandhi

82- I have learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it feels today, life always moves forward, and it will be better tomorrow. - Maya Angelou

83- The thing that can eliminate the disorder. Could reduce the melody. The thing that is used while crucifying the mind while still persecuting the truth is the teaching of religion. - Mahatma Gandhi

84- Nothing in life is difficult. Practicing with the mind makes every action possible. - Unknown

85- There is no other religion like serving parents and obeying them. - Maharishi Valmiki

86- Never let life get desperate, your life is from where you started, and today you have become what you wanted to make it. - Richard L. Evans

87- We are much closer to Vivek when we bow down than flying .- Wordsworth Anmol Vachan in Hindi

88- Each experience gives strength, courage and confidence, which stops the fear on your face. -Eleanor Roosevelt

89- Always get happiness in life, it is very rare. - Maharishi Valmiki

90- Fire also manifests in sandalwood due to extreme conflict, similarly, disobedience causes anger in the heart of the learned as well. - Maharishi Valmiki

91- One who does not have mercy is like a dead person while living. Only by doing good of another does its own good. - Unknown

92- If you do what you have always been doing, then you will get what you have always got. -Tony Robbins

93- One thing I have noticed is that when you love to the extent of pain, then that pain does not remain, just love grows. -Mother Teresa

94- The fire of the forest also burns sandalwood, that is, evil person can harm anyone. - Chanakya Anmol Vachan

95- We should meet each other with a smile on our face because this is the beginning of love. -Mother Teresa

96- Prohibition increases attraction. One kind of juice is born which is denied. -Osho

97- There is no scholar by just reading and writing. One who bears truth, tenacity, knowledge, non-violence, reverence and goodwill towards scholars, he is the true scholar.- Unknown

98- It is good to believe in success, but it is important to learn from your failure. -Bill Gates

99- Mistakes can always be forgiven if you have the courage to accept them. -Bruce Lee

100- A great book is equal to 100 good friends, but a best friend is equal to a library. -Abdul Kalam