relationship or family what to do

I am in a relationship but I want to leave him due to family pressure but I still love what I do

If you are in a relationship you know what to do what not i mean if you love someone and he loves you back and being loyal with you then think about it that he can care you or not if you left your family to live your life with your partner then ask him that he will marry you and care you always .
I am in a relationship but I want to leave him due to family pressure but I still love what I do

now if we talk about family thease was many conditions in family some families are good to decide about your future and some are not then you have to find your happiness 

relational between family problomes

1.can you stay your whole life with a person whom you doesn't love you just married him/her for your family satisfaction

2.You married with your love your life and you feel happy with him /her .

choice is your how to choose between thease two option -
here some suggestions ....

first what to do

Large numbers of us have been there. We figured this relationship would keep going forever. We imagined a future with this individual, we believed this individual, we put resources into this relationship, and there were truly fun occasions. In any case, presently, out of the blue, the relationship hasn't worked out. What's more we're starting over, single, desolate, and aching. Regularly we feel hopeless, and grief stricken after a separation, brimming with stress and brimming with fear. How might we make the separation most straightforward on ourselves, while managing however much we want to?

Some say there isn't anything more difficult than how it feels after a separation, and that mending sets aside time. One needs to grieve the fun occasions, and permit the sensations of misfortune and agony to come. There could be no greater way through this cycle than to feel your sentiments.

But, now and again individuals go to my office feeling stuck. They can't quit feeling the aggravation of being sorrowful after a separation. They can't give up, regardless of whether they need to. 

Notice Your Dreams And Their Enthusiastic Effect
Begin to see when you are contemplating the relationship, and track your considerations on being sorrowful after a separation. Where do your contemplations go? How frequently would you say you are ending up playing the "feature reel", contemplating what may have been? Furthermore above all, how can it cause you to feel?

Assuming you notice that your considerations concerning what might have been are exacerbating you, this is a sign that these dreams may be holding you up of recuperating. The more we ponder something, the more instilled it becomes.

We realize that cerebrum hardware fortifies with use, and in like manner, decays when not utilized. "Use it or lose it" is regularly a term neuropsychologists use to depict how our mind functions: What we "use," or ponder, becomes more grounded and more proficient, and what we don't utilize loses strength and productivity. The stunt here is to be aware of which considerations you are "reinforcing" to expand your mending from being devastated after a separation.

#2: Spotlight On The Difficulties To Give up

Perhaps the most abused phrase benevolent companions say in circumstances of misfortune is "let it go," or here and there, "deal with it." first off, this guidance is now and then experienced as uncaring. All things considered, on the off chance that you could "let it go" so basically, you could, correct? But then, a large number of us need to do exactly that. Give up. Be that as it may, we basically don't have a clue how.

The most effective way to advance the method involved with giving up is to turn out to be more mindful of the manners in which you really need to release the relationship.

To work with giving up, start by helping yourself to remember the difficult aspects of the relationship. What didn't work in the relationship? What was inadequate, sincerely troublesome – maybe even oppressive – about the relationship?

As you begin to ponder this, think about recording your contemplations. Making a rundown will assist with carrying these real factors to the cutting edge of your psyche and assist with explaining your considerations – concentrates even show further developed memory – about these issues. After you have composed your rundown, read it over, and notice how you feel. Chances are, you are starting to feel yourself not need the relationship, and this is the start of withdrawing and giving up.

Step #3: Look to Rebalance Your Musings Among Dream and Reality

 The subsequent stage is to put this honest cynicism into a portion of your dream scenes, and perceive how it works out. This fair mix can give you a more grounded view, giving a gladly received, optimal setting for conclusion. Zeroing in your musings on a more honest story makes way for perceiving the decisions you have, rather than the decisions you wish you had, permitting you to push ahead in a versatile manner.

As mitigating as the "feature reel" can be, it only sometimes envelops the real factors that probably assumed a vital part in the relationship finishing. Zeroing in on what was negative with regards to the relationship permits you to start coordinating the relationship in general.

In this way, when feeling grief stricken after a separation, in case you discover yourself floating into the marvelous condition of the feature reel, infer rather the parts of the relationship that were dangerous. In a real sense pair these negative real factors with your positive musings, as frequently as possible. Focusing on what didn't work in the relationship, particularly when you feel intellectually pulled to the "feature reel," is the most helpful technique we need to give up, and track down conclusion.

Step #4: Regardless of whether You're Not Prepared to Continue On… Set The Vibe for Your Next Relationship

 A definitive trial of releasing a relationship is being prepared for a superior one. Simultaneously, you don't need to delay until you are prepared to establish the vibe. You can exploit the above interaction to think about what you'd like in a future relationship, regardless of whether you're not prepared to begin dating again yet. Here are a few thoughts for doing as such:

Make a rundown of what you gained from the past relationship.
Work out how you might want to act diversely in your next relationship.
Detail the kind of individual who is ideal for you, and who you would like in a relationship.
Work out whatever else you'd in a perfect world like to have in a relationship, considering the dreams and real factors from the past relationship.
Make it genuine by working it out with a confided in friend.
Indeed, managing the pieces falling after a separation is difficult to do, and it is a course of re-adjusting your heart and your head that requires some investment, and exertion, and in all honesty, you will actually want to relinquish feeling shattered after a separation.

However much falling head over heels has to do with losing our consciousness of our darling's issues, dropping out of affection has to do with the exact inverse, explaining once again those issues and perceiving exactly how unsound they were. Managing dreams and speaking the truth about real factors will at last lead you to be more grounded in yourself as a rule, and explicitly set you up for your next, better relationship.

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